About Tim Hindle

Tim Hindle was on the staff of The Economist for almost 20 years. During that time he wrote about business, finance, the art world and the Middle East.

He has launched a number of magazines – including EuroBusiness and The Guide, an English-language publication for visitors to Istanbul that is today one of the most popular introductions to the city.

He has also written a large number of books, including “The Essential Manager’s Manual”, published by Dorling Kindersley, a worldwide bestseller, and the critically acclaimed “Guide to Management Ideas and Gurus”, published by Profile Books. His other books include “The Sultan of Berkeley Square”, the story of Polly Peck, published by Macmillan, “Living in Istanbul” for the French publisher Flammarion, and his latest publication: “HMRC – Her Majesty’s Roller Coaster”.

“All Over the Place” is his first work of fiction.